Can The Big Red Box come to my area?

We currently only visit weddings and private events in London and the surrounding areas.

How do I record my greeting message that the guests will hear?

There are lots of free apps out there for recording audio - even Voice Memo’s on the iPhone works. It can be emailed or texted to us. You can send as many files as you like, and we can tidy them up for you. The more natural sounding the better!

What happens after my event?

After your event you will receive a little red box with a USB stick inside. Your messages will be on it as a single digital file. Pop it into a device that plays .mp3 files, sit back and enjoy!

Does The Big Red Box need power?

The Big Red Box just needs a regular 13 amp plug.

I want to share the messages.

We will email you a password protected hyperlink to share with your guests, if you want to.

What kind of personalisation do you offer?

There are a few options and we’re always open to collaboration. We have a rule “Never say no to a weird idea” it’s worked out ok for us this far!

How long can I have The Big Red Box for?

A hire is a one day event. We’re happy to discuss any other requests and work to a venue’s preferred timings.

Is The Big Red Box insured?

We have £2m Public Liability Insurance and are happy to provide you with our certificate to share with your venue.

Is The Big Red Box heavy?

The Big Red Box is a flat packed replica, weighing in at 70kg, much lighter than the real thing.

It is put together on-site by our fully trained staff. It doesn’t need to be secured to a wall.

How long does it take to put together?

Putting The Big Red Box up takes about 45 minutes. From arrival at your venue to it being online it takes about an hour and a half.

How does The Big Red Box work?

Now that would be telling!